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Joint Stock Company “LANGE” issues a five year guarantee starting with a contract signing date.

The company guarantees that PVC production matches Lithuanian standards as well as normative technical document requirements applied to PVC products. Guarantee is issued to all imperfections and defects which originated due to industrial or wrongly chosen substance application. Products or their parts unusable due to latent production defects are either repaired or replaced at the expense of the company.

Exploitation rules

PVC production exploitation and maintenance

To guarantee long service of plastic production alongside with their functionalism regular window maintenance and preventative measures are required.

The owner should commit himself to regular cleaning, lubricating binding and tightening loose. screws of product handles.

In any other cases, having noticed mechanical defects, if a window panel gets stuck and binding must be regulated, you must turn to the company which performed work dince special tools and knowledge is required for window regulation.

PVC Production Maintenance and Cleaning

PVC production surface ought to be cleaned with soft, non-abrasive domestic cleaners, using cotton, woolen or cellulose napkins. Frequently, after cleaning, plastic might become electrified thus at least occasionally it is advisable to apply plastic cleansing liquids, containing antistatic additives. The mentioned substances not only clean various types of pollution but in the process of application prevents windows from dirt. Apply the following liquid cleaners: Ajax, Calgonit, Dor, Meiter Proper, Persil, Plexipol, ammonia spirit and soapy water.

Attention Please!

Do your best to protect the surface from solvents, vinegar acid, nail polish remover and similar type of liquids, damaging the surface or causing corrosion of metal parts.

Gaskets must be protected from mineral lubricants, paraffin, bitumen, turpentine, etc.

Gaskets affected by by petrol, carbohydrates as well as fragrant carbohydrates swell. This process is partially reversible.

Performing repair or construction work cover production with polythene wrap and prevent it from dirt and mechanical defects.

Fulfilling construction work while cutting with disc saws or welding, protect metal so that hot metal sparks would not sit on plastic and glass surfaces.